BETULAFOLIA Based on observations in commercial orchards throughout
the Northeast, Betulafolia is the most suitable rootstock for Asian pear
varieties. Betulafolia is a vigorous rootstock, well anchored, and drought
tolerant. The recommended spacing for plantings on this rootstock is twelve
feet between trees in the row and twenty feet between rows.

OHxF 333(Old Home and Farmingdale) In this "33" form produces a semi-
vigorous tree. It is popular in the Pacific North West of the USA but less so in
the eastern pear-growing areas. Resistant to fire blight and pear decline.  
Does not sucker.  Well anchored and productive.  Does well on a variety of
soils. Bears fruit between 3-4 years and grows to 12-16 feet.

OHxF87 ™ It is considered to be a semi-dwarf tree. OHxF97 TM is one of the
best producing Rootstock of the OHxF series.  Resistant to pear decline and

OHxF97 (Old Home x Farmingdale 97) Standard rootstock for European and
Asian pears.  Trees will be near standard size.  Productive and well
anchored.  Good candidate for weaker growing Asian varieties.  Resistant to
pear decline and fireblight. Hardy and resilient to cold.
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