Bartlett Seedling A vigorous, standard-sized rootstock commonly used
with Asian pear varieties. It performs well in heavy soils and is very
tolerant of wet soils. It has good fireblight and crown gall resistance;
however is not quite as winter hardy as other pear rootstocks.

OHxF87 ™ is about 85-90% of a standard seedling.  This rootstock is one
of the most precocious (meaning to flower and set fruit during the first few
years) and productive of the OHxF roostocks.  It promotes early spurring
and slightly smaller than OHxF #97.

OHxF97 (Old Home x Farmingdale 97) Standard rootstock for European
and Asian pears.  Trees will be near standard size.  Productive and well
anchored.  Good candidate for weaker growing Asian varieties.  Resistant
to pear decline and fireblight. Hardy and resilient to cold.
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