ed of having your valuable crop getting frozen on a cold night?  Or having
the fruit finish look like something out of a swamp and getting processed
juice prices for something that would be many times more valuable?  Maybe
you are in an area where you are a retailer or have a pick your own site and
you loose everything to frost.  Good bet your loyal customers will go to a
grower who has a crop.  Think about it, you have invested your sweat and
money on raising a crop and its over for 365 more days to get back to where
you were.  It takes less than 4 hours at a critical time to lose a crop.  
Wind machines work and will cover 10-15 acres.  At the very least they can
pay for themselves with a cleaner finish or save the valuable crop you
worked so hard to raise.  Washington State has thousands of frost fans.  Is
not your crop just as valuable in the Midwest or East?
Get the best, buy a Chinook Wind Machine, save your crops and make
money.  There is also a 5 year finance plan available.
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